The History And Trading of Diamond.

Importance of Diamond

  • The formation of diamond is always at high pressure and temperature as it is dug out from the earth beneath i.e. approximately 160 to 185 kilometers down.
  • Diamond is also treated as a gemstone due to its religious use in the history of India.
  • Diamond is also used to engrave tools due to its hardness property.


The hardest rock known on the earth is the diamond. The rareness of the rock stone made it most expensive and exclusive among others which are meant for trading purposes.


The derivation of the name Diamond is from ‘adamas' a Greek word which means "unbreakable," "proper" or "untamed.


According to archaeologists diamond was first found in Indian mines since some centuries ago. What it means from 3,000 years diamond is familiar to Indians.


Diamond is considered to be the super quality material with high defined properties due to its strong bonding of atoms. The features compelled the industry in diamond cutting and tools polishing because it also has the thermal conductivity. Diamond acquires the ability to disperse colorful lights.


The use of diamond has risen from the 19th century because of surplus supply, improvement in cutting and shining techniques which ultimately is responsible for the economic growth of the country.

Gemstone Business

. Due to a massive scale of publicity and exposure of diamond the development and its adaptability is all over the world. Today diamond is popular in gemstone business as it is the lovely and adorable piece of stone pleased by everyone in their jewelry sets.

The expensiveness of diamond depends on upon 4Cs

diamonds_th_2364594fCut – The finest cutting of diamond gives it the highest price in the market. The detail grafting of the workers shows the effort behind the beautiful shapes of a diamond. The cutting determines the exclusiveness and demand.

Colour – It is proved by the sales figure of diamond in the market that those stones which are colorless are most precious than others. The transparency in a diamond decides its purity. Latest tools and equipment are used to give the best shine by the workers.image_manager__gallery_large_hand_diamanten

Clarity- The pure diamond is tested with the number of rays of light passing through it, means the stone should be free from inclusions.

Carat – The diamonds which have eight angles (octahedral crystal) is considered to be the most valuable. To get the proper weight of the diamond, the roughage part is controlled by great artistry. Due to polishing and cutting to give a perfect shape to the crystal the per carat weight is decreased.

There are two types of categories for the industry of diamond; gem-grade and industrial grade. All the diamond is sold with certification from the government institutions. In India, the largest Surat is well known for its cutting centers on a wide range. Also the fact of women empowerment can be observed by the huge number of female workers from the tribes of Gujarat working in the diamond cutting industry.Moreover, it is also prescribed to the individuals born in the month of April as their lucky birthstone. People are crazy for diamond studded articles to boast their standard in society.